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Headshots and portraits

This is a site dedicated primarily to headshots and portraiture. I recently attended a fantastic 8 week online headshot course with photographer Peter Hurley and some of my work can be viewed here. The course was packed with information and knowledge and I am still amazed how much the techniques actually benefit and creates change. And all without any software post processing – it’s all about teaching the model to use her or his natural abilities and look. I have also included other types of people photos here. If you want to view all my stuff, and I mean ALL, you can go here.
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The goal

My objective with this site is to present my best headshot and portraits. And to limit the number of photos and only show the best. I have a tendency to upload way too much stuff and making it a tirering experience to go through. It is difficult to choose and it will be a mix of different styles and types of photos. I do like to experiment and work with light and shadow, high contrast and go in different directions. I also want to present my  work with Peter Hurley wich I expect to continue in the near future.

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This was my initial setup trying to recreate the Peter Hurley light.

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