In 2005 I got my first digital SLR camera and I was hooked. Before that, I did quite a bit of analog photography on and off, but I love the total control and immediate results I get from the digital process.

I have a strong fascination for any kind of picture making and the deceptively simple process of creating photograph. I used to paint and draw, but now it’s all photography and digital. I enjoy art and music very much. I think I should say that I have a strong fascination for creativity of any kind – it can be art, making money, businesses – whatever.

I used to be a professional golf teacher for a number of years working at several golf clubs. That’s where I developed the tremendous patience that I now use when doing headshots 🙂 Later I worked with desktop publishing and now I work as a webmaster in a news media website.

I have no immediate plans to turn full time pro photographer since doing it part time, gives me freedom to do what I love. It must be fun.

I am fascinated by different genres of photography, mainly headshot photography, fine art nudes and street photography. I have also done some product photography which is a lot more fun than I thought.

My inspirational sources for photography are people like Peter Hurley, Joe McNally, Joel Grimes, Scott Kelby and some of the old masters like Henri Cartier-Bresson and Eugene Smith, Helmut Newton and a lot more.

I love people who are driven, passionate, obsessive, relentless and patient.

I strive for a simple lifestyle and keep my expenses and materialistic needs to a minimum. Unless of course it’s photographic gear 🙂 I am very much into Tibetan buddhism and meditate quite a bit. The buddhist teachings put my daily life into a meaningful and interesting perspective and I like the fact that buddhism is atheism that puts the full responsibility on me.

I am single at this point and have an adopted son that means everything to me.

The Peter Hurley course

In 2014 I enrolled in a 8 week headshot course with world famous headshot photographer Peter Hurley. It was a very interesting experience and I really learned a lot. It was not about the technical side, but all about making the model look as good as possible. I was stunned how much it actually did to improve how the model was presented. The difference significant. Read a little more about it here.

My first photography competition victory

In march 2013 I won a photography competition with a “water” theme. I entered with a street/city photo and was lucky enough to win.

Link to Lightingrumors.com

I especially like their description of my photo. “This excellent piece of street photography wins the coveted first place prize. The composition is just spot-on, while motion blur and shallow depth of field are used creatively for great effect. It is not at all easy to capture great street photography but here Petersen has nailed it with an image worthy of gallery space.”

Not bad. View photo in higher resolution here

photocompetition victory screendump


My best friend and I at ACDC concert in Roskilde, Denmark 2015